30k contest / And the winner is …


A couple of weeks ago I decided to organise a simple contest to thank 30,000 people for following my work on Facebook.

First of all I have to thank everybody who messaged me to enter the contest. I received a massive amount of sweet words. From many different people, artists or art lovers. All of them very passionate !
I don’t have the extra-human capability to answer the 472 emails personally, but I really hope anybody who took the time to write me some of those lines will get to read the BIG THANK YOU that I’m throwing out there.

A special thank you for the epic losers as well: I have been called « Damien » and also told that « I should win because I plan to sell it on ebay to help for some of my projects ». This was fun.

The winner is named Ale Caballero Laredo, and she lives in Mexico. Her words crossed the language barrier to express finely her understanding of my work. She is also an aspiring artist and I know that my drawing will be in good hands.

The second prise goes to Marie-Anne Dooghe Guibereau, from france, who has been encouraging me in my work for a while and showing a genuine understanding of what I’m talking about.

I also wanted to thank Sandra Devic, Damjan Gjorgievski, Laureline Plo-w, Laetitia Schwarzer-Schmetterling, Joshua Burbank, Ingrid Laga, Poppe Lupus, Antoine Boyer, Priyanka Menon and Mee Altair for their messages. Sincere and sometimes completely delirious 😀

Thanks again guys. I wanted to give something special to you, but again you are the ones giving me more than I was expecting.


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