The 30,000 Contest

Hey guys,

A while ago I announced on Facebook that when my official page would reach 30,000 followers, I would organise a contest to thank you all for supporting my work.

We reached this number this week.

So I spent a few days thinking about what kind of Facebook contest I could make, without falling into some kind of « spamming/sharing » event. I also really wanted to offer something precious and unique. And because it is actually precious and unique, I don’t want those pieces to fall in the hand of someone who doesn’t really care about it. I tried to find the good formula for a fair and fun contest, something really rewarding, and here is what I decided to go for:

. . .

The 30k Contest / Rules:

– The contest opens on July 17th 2014 and ends on August 5th 2014 at midnight.

– To enter the contest, you must send me an email on my Facebook Official page (https://www.facebook.com/b.digital.art), explaining why you should win the first price. Please be creative, and convince me that you are the one ! Let’s make it fun !

– To enter the contest, you must also share the link to my official page (https://www.facebook.com/b.digital.art) on your Facebook profile, but only one time (not every fu****g day).

– Be conscious that I’m happy to do that, not obliged. So if you win, be patient and respectful, or I could pick another winner !

– After August 5th, I will chose the 10 more convincing emails and randomly select the first and second price.

. . .


First prices

One original drawing (The Scar / Pencil on watercolor paper / 11×15″)


A unique « blue » version of the piece Hecate. Print numbered 01/01 and signed.

Second price

A signed print of the piece Hecate, Giclee on fine art paper.

. . .

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  1. Un petit mot en passant
    pour te dire toute mon admiration.
    Continue de nous faire rêver et à nous faire
    partager tes univers fantastiques !

    PS. difficile l’op de bon matin 🙂

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