Goal is $1700

700 for rent and bills

250 for the car credit

500 for the food

250 for the fun and the cat’s food


One Magic – $1000

One book cover for a medium publisher – $800

One chara design – $250

One concept art for a landscape – $250
One mate painting – $1400

A commission for a piece for an exhibition – $400

1 video game jacket/box: $1000

1 poster for a little comic-con: $600



Title: [Guardian of the Bridge]
SIZE: W: 2.103” x H: 1.543”; W: 53mm x H: 40mm    PRICE: 1000
Color: White creature
Location: at the entrance of a bridge
Action: Show a 10′ armored, female giant in a defensive pose, wielding a long pike. She is protecting the entrance of a bridge (see reference).
Focus: the giant
Mood: So long as I stand, I will hold my post!Description: 5/7 – Flying – **: target creature is indestructible this turn


title: [Liliana’s Aid]
SIZE: W: 2.103” x H: 1.543”; W: 53mm x H: 40mm    PRICE: 1000
Color: Black spell
Location: An apothecary’s work room
Action: This is a shot that is meant to show young Liliana when she was a healer who dabbled in forbidden magic as part of her healing. Show young Liliana (see reference) at an apothecary’s work table strewn with items like mortar and pestle, an open book, a candle, etc. She is adding the final ingredient – a human knuckle bone – to a potion that emits a sickly green light. As Liliana adds the bone, she looks over her shoulder to make sure nobody is watching.
Focus: Liliana’s conconction
Mood: I’m willing to use all the tools at my disposal.
Notes: Reference for young Liliana in Dominarian costuming


title: Animate Dead
SIZE: W: 2.103” x H: 1.543”; W: 53mm x H: 40mm    PRICE: 1000
Color: Black spell
Location: A dark swamp
Intention: This card raises a creature from the dead to fight for you.
Action: A ROTTING GIANT triumphantly bursts out of the murky bog that it has been dead beneath, erupting upward and throwing earth and rock in the process. Though he’s been dead for a while he remains physically impressive in size and strength. He still wears the remains of his rusted plate armor, but has no weapon. His one remaining eye flares a bright purple.
We might see GNARLED TREES hung with moss in the background. It would be cool to see purple will-o’-wisps/corpse candles/MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS in the background as well, to help make the card more colorful/flashy.
Focus: The scene.
Mood: This giant is now darkly reinvigorated and determined to keep going.


title: [Stromkirk Mind Feeder]
SIZE: W: 2.103” x H: 1.543”; W: 53mm x H: 40mm    PRICE: 1000
Color: Black creature
Location: Interior of a sanitariuim cell
Action: Show a female vampire mage in a cell of an insane asylum. She looms over a straitjacketed crazy human female from behind. The vampire looks down at the human, caressing her face. It’s as though the vampire is feeding off of the human’s insanity. The human is lost in her madness, and doesn’t seem to know that the vampire is standing behind her. As the focus should be on the vampire, we don’t have to see all of the human.
Focus: the Vampire mage
Mood: « The deeper your descent into madness, the more powerful I become. »


Book covers:

Raymond Chandler

The Long Goodbye


Anthology of H.P.Lovecraft

Texts from Lovecraft


The woman in White

Wilkie Collins


Do androids dreams of Electric Sheep ?



The Black Company

Glenn Cook


The Road






– Elric of Melniboné

Albino with long white hair and red eyes, young emperor of the infamous island of Melniboné. His living strength comes from his sword Stormbringer.
Design of the infamous Albino, when he was still Emperor and right before he left Melniboné

Design Stormbringer, his sword, on the side.

– Princess Cymoril

She is Elric’s lover.
Long Black hair and long red dress.
Her fate is to be killed by Elric’s own blade.

– Yyrkoon

The cousin and enemy of Elric.
Long black hair and trimmed beard. Luxury clothes and jewelry.
He is the vilain.

Design Mournblade, his sword, on the side



We are adapting the Frazetta’s Death Dealer character in a movie !

Please design the following characters:

The Death Dealer

Design with his typical warrior outfit

AND a view of him without his armor, wearing some noble “Lord” outfits.


Sanda is a man who was once king of a glorious and violent kingdom, deep in the jungle. After the lost battle of Talaria, because of a vile treason from his allies, he is now going after the 4 kings, ex allies, who plotted against him.
He already killed three of them and keeps their hands as trophies, attached to his belt.


Inspirated by another Frazetta picture, design Karna the egyptian queen. Respect the spirit of this character and perfect her outfit (the multicolor long skirt).

Karna is a princess who became a queen after years of prison. The death dealer gave her her freedom 10 years ago and today she rules an empire. Today, the death dealer comes back to her, asking for help in the upcoming war.



Kay Stone

Kay is a 24 years old woman who had facial surgery after a motorcycle accident. Military scientists took advantage of her “left for dead” accident to turn her into a half-human/half-robot specialized in dangerous type of missions.

Her face is a mix of flesh and metal, but she hides behind a mask, imitating human features.

She has blond and purple hair and wears black and red leather motorcycle outfit.


Snake has had his eyes replaced by cyber lenses, making him a sharp shooter. He is always dressed in red, smokes a massive cigar, always smiles. He can remove his left arm to reveal a massive “Delta Canon”.


Tron is a hacker,  half human, half machine. Male of female. Every part of his/her body can turn into a plug to connect to any computer or digital device. The humanity of iron is disappearing behind the machine.


Concept-art / Landscape


Dark Sun

A desert of sand, a dusty atmosphere of dunes covering the remains of a past strong civilization (roman type / columns).
A black sun is “shining over it all.


Giant Flowers

Gigantic trees with gigantic flowers. Those exotic flowers with unusual shapes and intense colors are being used as houses for the elvish tribe.
Every flower is linked to another by bridges and other elvis-made systems.



The pirate spaceship “Harlock -01” has been critically damaged by a collision with an asteroid. The ship is trying to reach the planet “Keron-C” to land … but it seems that the enemy’s armada is waiting, hiding in the shadow of the planet.


The Gate

Five stones at the top of a pyramid (think Maya/Inca type of civilization). Those stones have been there for ages, but something odd is happening and some lights and unusual colored phenomenas are appearing in between them. The Priest of the Stones fears that the ancestral gate has been opened.





Paris 3056, the city have been changed into a waterpark

New-york 2500. The city became a “green” city. The vegetation is all over the place, and people keep living in.

After the robot revolution, what’s left of San Francisco ?



Commissioned piece for an exhibition at a gallery (Group show)


Exhibition 01: I am not what you think I am

Exhibition 02: Pixels/ Digital bodies

Representations of the relationship between bodies and pixels. Use the specificity of digital painting. Show what only digital can do !



Video-game jacket


Alan Wake, the Awakening

Dark Souls, Reborn

Red Dead Redemption 3




Comic-Con Poster

The thematic of the year: Witches!