Lately I received many messages from peoples asking where they could find « Sons of Retrocity », the official soundtrack of my graphic-novel, created by Don Quishoote/Subskan/Neptunian8. The 200 exemplaries of the CD have been sold for a while now, but you can still order it online !

Check 5 complete tracks taken from the 20 mixed ones on this 80min. v1.0 score :

T1 / Six jours de pluie (NEP/DON)
T2 / Aux portes de Retrocity (DON/&co)
T4 / Utopic Pleasures / La Corporation (SUB)
T7 / Machinal Ritual (DON)
T11 / Le cratère aux androïdes (NEP)

Point de commande online Discogs (order soundtrack v1.0 here) :

– Don Quishoote (aka S. Phüric) :
– Subskan :
– Neptunian8 (aka S-Virus) :